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October 2016


The Egyptian Study Society (ESS) is an organization for people who are interested in Ancient Egypt. ESS welcomes anyone with similar interests to participate. ESS programs include lectures, slide and video presentations, seminars, hands on workshops, and an annual picnic. Well known Egyptologists and knowledgeable ESS members make presentations throughout the year.

Lost and Found: The Journey of a New Kingdom Sarcophagus from Antiquity to the Present

This talk centers around the stone sarcophagus of a New Kingdom mayor from Herakleopolis found at the turn of the 20th century by Sir Flinders Petrie and Guy Brunton. Stone sarcophagi, while the norm for royalty, are quite rare for officials, especially those who held office in provincial Egypt. Tomb robbers cut this sarcophagus into a number of pieces shortly after its modern discovery in the 1920s and subsequently sold those on the antiquities market. Over the years, these pieces have found their way into public and private collections in both North America and England.


The Egyptian Study Society is in the process of making their collections catalog available for members and non-members through this website. At the current moment, we are bringing our KMT collection online which will allow members to check-out copies through our website and to be picked up and returned at ESS monthly lectures. We are also working to bring our Cook Photograph Collection online for public to peruse.

KMT Magazine Volume 04: Issue 2

  • Dating the Exodus by Omar Zuhdi
  • Popular Worship in Ancient Egypt by Emily Teeter
  • First Report on Unexcavated KV10 by Earl L. Ertman
  • Speos Horemheb in Photos by Greg Reeder
  • Royal Cache DB320 Revisited by George B. Johnson
  • Rescuing the New Kingdom Royal Tombs by Elsayed Hegazy
  • The Pyramid of Meidum by George B. Johnson
  • Old Rope: An Ancient Technology by Donald P. Ryan
  • KMT Magazine Volume 03: Issue 1

  • Egyptian Archaeology in the Petrie Museum by Barbara Adams
  • A Predynastic Female Figurine by Barbara Adams
  • Assessing Manetho by Omar Zuhdi
  • Seti II Way Station at Karnak by Greg Reeder
  • Interview: Daniel Polz at Dra Abu el Naga
  • 3rd Season of the Valley of the Kings Project by Donald P. Ryan
  • Archaeologist Arthur C. Mace by Christopher Lee
  • Abuse of Tutankhamen’s Mummy by Dennis C. Forbes
  • KMT Magazine Volume 27: Issue 2

  • “Who Was Ankhkeperure?” by Dennis C. Forbes
  • “Visiting TT40, The Tomb of Amenhotep Called Huy, Tut’s King’s Son of Kush ” by Thierry Benderitter
  • “Ancient Egypt in Voronezh, Russia, A Forgotten Collection ” by Victor V. Solkin
  • “An Amarna Royal Figure On An Open Water Lily” by Earl L. Ertman
  • “Adoption, Inheritance and Freedom in 20th Dynasty Egypt” by Dylan Bickerstaff
  • “Giant of Egyptology No. 32 Arthur Weigall” by Dennis C. Forbes
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