Nubia: Ancient Egypt’s Southern Neighbor

Date & Time: 
Monday, August 13, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

We often think of Nubia, the area from Aswan south to sub-Saharan Africa, as being subservient to its more famous northern neighbor. However, this “Land of Kush” had its own powerful kingdoms and, in fact, ruled ancient Egypt during the 25th Dynasty. Dick Harwood will discuss the modern country of Sudan, the history of Nubia, and the current work being done by the University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition at Nuri, a royal cemetery of Kushite kings with dozens of pyramids, tombs and temples. He will also discuss what it’s like to be on an archaeological expedition at this fascinating site.

Previously titled: A Field Season in Nubia: Working in Ancient Egypt's Southern Territory

Richard S. Harwood

Richard (Dick) Harwood, a past president of the ESS, is the Associate Director of the University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition (the UAEE). He has done archaeological excavation for over twenty years in and around Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. In January, 2018 the UAEE began working at the Kushite royal cemetery of Nuri in north-central Sudan. Educated at Dartmouth College and Duke University Law School, Dick moved to Colorado Springs and spent a 24-year career in trust and investment banking before retiring as Senior Vice President of Bank One (now J.P. Morgan-Chase). He was never convicted of the axe murders in Estonia and has never been mistaken for Marilyn Monroe.


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