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ESS New Website

I think this looks awesome!

The previous password section had one password that everyone forgot. I will remember my Egyptian related password that I just set. Cool.

We might consider bringing the Ostracon archive within the member's area. This could attract new members. Also we need to look at lecture videos available only to members online.

Looks like our members can set up forums on their favorite dig sites or news items, like Tel el Amarna or the door? in Tut's tomb. Hint hint.

Is it possible for some members to request forums that could be read by the public but only commented by members? Inform the public forums.

Looking forward to the next lecture!

Jim Lowdermilk
Past President ESS

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I am looking for past copies. I know they all use to be on the web site. Are all of the past issues/articles someplace.

Charlie Rigano

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