Official Websites

Web Link Theban Mapping Project

Official site of Kent Week's work in the Valley of the Kings.

Web Link Ancient Egypt Research Associates

Official site of Mark Lehner's work at the Giza Great Pyramid complex including the Lost City of the Pyramid Builders.

Web Link The Amarna Research Foundation

TARF is devoted to furthering the study of the city of Akhetaten and the reign of the heretic pharaoh Akhenaten.

Web Link The Amarna Project

The official website for the archaeological dig at Tel el Amarna, the site of the ancient city of Akhetaten.

Web Link British Museum

The official website of the British Museum.

Web Link American Research Center in Egypt

The official website of the American Research Center in Egypt.

Web Link Egyptologists' Electronic Forum

A forum of respected Egyptologists announcing new finds and discussing mainstream Egyptology.

Web Link Archaeology Data Services

Database of 'monument inverntories' and 'archives'.

Web Link Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative

Cuneiform tablet and text database.

Web Link Griffith Institute

The Griffith Institute at the University of Oxford.

Web Link The Ashmolean Museum

Museum of Art and Archaeology at the University of Oxford.

General Interest

Web Link ARCE-NOLA News links

Links to up to date news about discoveries, monuments, artifacts, museums, cultural heritage, and current news.

Web Link The Best Egypt Links on the Web
Web Link Ancient Egyptian Mythology

Lists of Egyptian Gods, stories of Egyptian mythology, and symbolism

Web Link Web Directory Portal

Good links from Tetisheri Typesetting.

Web Link Magazine
Web Link Ancient Egypt Online UK

Reference to King's Lists, Gods and Goddesses, Monuments, Chronology, etc....

Web Link Author W. J. Cherf Website

Read the wonderful Manuscripts of the Richard's Trust, a fun fictional romp into ancient Egypt through time travel, covert government agencies, and aliens.  A highly recommended read!

Web Link Osiris Net Tombs

Listings and information on tombs and mastabas from ancient Egypt.

Web Link KMT Magazine

A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt.

Web Link Archaeology Magazine
Web Link Egyptian Exploration Society

Official website of the Egyptian Exploration Society.

Web Link The Papyrus Carlsberg Collection

Reference library for the Papyrus Carlsberg.

Web Link British Museum Online Collection

Take a tour of the British Museum, online.