The Ostracon

The Ostracon is published annually by members of the Egyptian Study Society. The ESS is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to study Ancient Egypt. It is an associate group of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Articles are contributed by members and scholars on a voluntary basis. Member participation is encouraged. Nothing may be reprinted in whole or part without written permission of the author. The opinions expressed in The Ostracon do not necessarily represent the views of The Ostracon staff, the Egyptian Study Society, or the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Ostracon Volume 01-1 | Winter 1989

  • Invitation to Mountains of Stone Symposium, January 1990 p. 1 by David Pepper
  • Why I chose the Benu Bird for the Logo of the Egyptian Study Society p. 3 by Sue Ware
  • The Egyptian Study Society Celebrates its First Birthday p. 4 by Dorothy Stafford
  • From the Bookshelf (Book Reviews) p. 5 X-raying the Pharaohs by James E. Harris and Kent Weeks Reviewed by Sue Ware
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