Hidden Chambers in the Pyramids

The interior layout of the Great Pyramid is unique among all the Egyptian pyramids with not only the greatest number of interior rooms, but also the ingenuity needed to construct them. Of particular interest is the Grand Gallery with its sloping floor and slanted corbel roof and the King's Chamber with its high flat ceiling. The ascending passage, leading to the Grand Gallery, was filled with plug blocks that were initially stored in the gallery above.

KMT Magazine Volume 05: Issue 2

  • “Amenhotep I, Last King of the 17th Dynasty?” by Dennis C. Forbes
  • “70 Years at the Walls with Chicago’s Epigraphic Survey”
  • “Opet Festival Preview” Portfolio
  • “Behind the Third Portico: The Polish Mission at Deir el Bahari” by Franciszek Pawlicki & George B. Johnson
  • “Giant of Egyptology: Sir John Gardner Wilkinson”; “Food for Eternity, Part 2” by Salima Ikram
  • “Temples, Tombs & the Egyptian Universe” Symposium by David Moyer
  • “The Mysterious Pyramid at El Kula” by Robert E. Wolmak